Saturday, February 5, 2011

99 Counties on the Map on the Wall

99 is a number of alliterative awesomeness. Toeing the line between small and big, defiant, a Goliath of David's.  It is an rite of passage for the most determined of Iowan politicians (not to mention a few Presidential hopefuls) to hit all or most of the counties before election day. County count is also one area where Iowa towers over most other states as only 8 states have more (TX of course has to be the biggest) 

I have heard wind of talks of consolidation of counties to address budget woes and shrinking populations in the most rural of counties.  In the first political stance of this blog I encourage any Iowans reading to resist such a change.  Fiscal sense does not always make sense and in this case I am of the mind that 99 must stay.  

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