Monday, February 21, 2011

Iowa HS State Wrestling Championships - Boys (and Girls) Rolling Around

Make no bones about it, Iowa is a wrestler's paradise.  There are certainly going to be many slots in my list of what makes Iowa awesome devoted to some personage or aspect affiliated with the grappler's quest.  Even as a former basketball player I have to respect the tradition that is Iowa wrestling even if I have never understood the appeal of rolling around on a mat in tight clothes with another man.  Then again these days it is not only men rolling around in singlets, as the nation now knows 2 girls qualified for the Iowa High School State Wrestling Meet this week.  In a story that has rode the net like a barn burning on a windy day, one of the state's top wrestlers forfeited his match and chance to become a champion when he was paired with one of the two female contestants. Regardless of what you think about the situation (I for one would have likely welcomed any opportunity to roll around with with a girl when I was in HS) you have to hand it to the kid for sticking to his beliefs.  Winning the state tournament in Iowa would have made him the quasi-equivilent of a Zeus among mere mortals.  Not to say that he would have been victorious but to give up a shot at that on the state's biggest stage is noteworthy.  Check the web for more info there is no shortage of commentary out there.  

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