Sunday, March 6, 2011

George Gallup - Pollster Extraordinaire


The 2012 presidential election is still over 18 months away but hopefuls have already started to criss-cross the Hawkeye state looking for babies to kiss and hands to shake. Iowa's role in the election of the president is unmatched by any other state and where there is power to be won politicians will flock and pollsters are sure to be hot on their tales.  I dare project the number of public opinion polls that will hit the net between now and the Iowa caucuses slicing and dicing up every possible facet of the Iowan electorate. The polls can be as ever present, if not as down right ugly, as the politician's ads themselves. It is fitting then that we have an Iowan to largely thank for the modern polling system.  George Gallup, the founder of modern public opinion polls, went to school and the University of Iowa and would likely be amused that his lives work is so closely related to one of the key facets of Iowa's contribution to the national stage.  

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