Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Iowa Band - Early Missionaries


Spend any time in the book of Acts in the Bible and you will learn about early Christians who ventured out to build the early church. I just inadvertently learned of a similar movement that crossed Iowa in the 1800s.  Googling Iowa Band to find a music video to post I came across the wikipedia entry for the "Iowa Band".  Not a drummer in site, only 12 hearts of ambitious and active missionaries beating a path to build the church in the frontier.  When you consider that in appx 20 years these 12 ministers founded two colleges, planted over 600 churches and trained over 1000 new ministers and missionaries their zeal is evident and impressive.  Photo is of one of the 12, William Salter, quite the impressive chap himself.  And it just dawned on me the significance of the number 12 in Christian circles...Tis what I love about the Internet, a wandering mind can come across something new and interesting just by fooling around looking for some music. 

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