Sunday, March 6, 2011

National Pork Board - Kicking the Other White Meat out of the Pig Sty


Raise your hand if you are familiar with the branding of pork as the "other white meat"  Of course I can't see you but unless you have been living under a rock your hands are surely in the air. Created for the National Pork Board in 1987, this slogan re-branded pork as a healthy alternative to chicken and has been wildly successful with pork consumption rising over 20%.  This was great news for many Iowans the nations largest producer of pork and the Pork Board, the voice of the industry and also based in Iowa.
However all good things must come to an end and the now iconic slogan has been officially sent to the packinghouse and has emerged as "Be Inspired" the new moniker of the Pork Board.  Not bad, I can see how it might capitalize on the artistic merits of the culinary arts, tap into the creativity of pork friendly chefs, and maybe inspire social networks to create videos on YouTube on how pork inspires them (my idea found here first).  The more I type the less I am inclined to be inspired by the new slogan.  Pork has come full circle and people are eating all manners of weird pig parts and bacon is as popular as ever.  Why not tell the truth, something like "Pork, Gourmet, Gluttonous, Goodness"  Now that would inspire me, to eat!  What do you think.  
Former child tv star Candace Cameron Bure of Full House fame will be the lead spokeswoman for the new campaign. While I have nothing against the former DJ Tanner, I have to wonder if there might have been an actor/actress with real pork cred that might have lent a little more authenticity to the campaign.  Someone like Michelle Monaghan could have stated that being surrounded by pork throughout her childhood growing up in Winthrop "inspired" her to pursue her dreams as an model, actress, and all around hottie.  Just saying.  Come to think of it, would be cool to see an Iowan ad agency get the promotional work.  Sure the inspiration for "be inspired" came from Chicago, and years ago it was a an Omaha based crew who came up with the "other white meat" but while Midwestern aren't both those towns primarily beef cities?  

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