Saturday, April 7, 2012


ackley5 From Wikipedia: Mills were built on the Iowa River south of the community and in 1856 a stage line was built from Cedar Falls to Fort Dodge. The Dubuque and Pacific Railroad Company received a charter from the State of Iowa in the 1850s to build a railroad. Surveying teams were sent out. One of the members was J. William Ackley. He decided Etna Township was a good place for a railroad station. The land was owned by Parriott and his wife, who had purchased it for speculation. William Ackley purchased the land for the railroad and discussed founding a town. Ackley and three other land developers purchased the land which is now the town for $25.00 an acre. They then sold sites for developing the town. In 1857 the town of Ackley was staked out. The plan was signed December 12, 1857. Even though Ackley never lived here, he gave the town his name.

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