Friday, January 11, 2013

McCaughey Septuplets

For anyone who might have been following my exploration of the awesomeness of Iowa I do apologize for my extended hiatus.  You see 20 months ago I became a Daddy to an amazing little girl Avery Arabella.  And while life certainly went on after her birth and continues to pass day by day today, the amount of time I devoted to extracurricular activities shrank considerably.  I've come to believe that is the way it should be, those parents more focused on their own endeavors instead of hanging on every new sound, move, and mannerism of their little one are missing out one of if not the most magical things in life, the exploration and maturation of life itself. 

All that said, my advocacy for Iowa is not finished.  Rest assured I have rocked little Avery to bed many nights with fantastical tales of the wonders of the land between the Mississippi and Missouri.  From our vantage point looking East over the Cascades this little one has probably learned more about the 29th state than most Iowa based high schools do themselves. Surely that will serve her well when she can actually start to talk. I attempt to get back at it, it is only fitting that I dedicate this post to the McCaughey Septuplets, or more explicitly to their parents Kenny and Bobbi.  Here I am telling the tale of the loss of my personal time, to attempt to imagine how the instant presence of 7 little ones would impact a family is simply impossible to fathom.  We breed them well in Iowa, and sometimes we breed them often. 

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