Sunday, December 15, 2013

Peace and Love in Sac City, Iowa

The wife thinks I spend a little to much time meandering around the web and I'll admit to drowning myself in random research from time time. I consider it my form of escape, but you have to admit that the connections that the internet has fostered can be remarkable. For example, looking for some photos of signs in Iowa I came across this capture of a building in Sac City. At first I though of posting it as a testament to the fact that not all hippies moved west in the 60s, then I read through the comments below the photo and stumbled upon one from the owner of the building. Not only did it add depth to the history of the building, it reminded me of the beauty of random connection and how there is always a story to be told of the persons, places, and things around us if only we have the right guide. I have copied the comment below for your pleasure. Enjoy...

Hello from Sac City! Thanks for such a wonderful picture of my humble little building. I have repainted it since a few times after a 'zoning conflict' and a few days in jail. I was jailed for painting my sidewalk and later for violating the sign ordinance. I had painted "Peace & Love" in Chinese characters after that. Last year I repainted it once again with "Peace & Love" on a canary yellow background. My new neighbors to the south let me extend the flowers to their building too. The building was bought and extended in 1920 by Dea Sing and Pon Gong who operated a Chinese Laundry until 1930. They were harassed by the Ku Klux Klan during the summer of 1924, as were two Greeks who operated the Kandy Kitchen on Main Street. The blockade by the Klan was broken by a large group of little children. The Greeks were celebrating their "Grand Opening" during the Sac County Fair that summer. They offered free ice cream to any children who would come. The Klan went away. The Klan around here burned more barns than crosses. A local Catholic Priest (whose name I still don't know) confonted them also that summer. They finally fell into decline but were never quite gone. I am known as Bryan Buckley by everyone who lives here. I like to be called Bree Anne, but that's another story. I'm an Artist and a painter, former soldier and an activist for Peace. I just signed up for this e-mail but I don't have a computer. I use those of a friend every now and then and the library. You may write to me via 'snail mail' at my address: Bree Anne Buckley....Peace be with You" , Love Bree.

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