Thursday, December 12, 2013

Steak DeBurgo

I consider myself a foodie, I consider myself an Iowan, I consider myself a fool for having never tried Steak DeBurgo until last week.  A regional specialty and staple at most Des Moines area Italian Joints, the DeBurgo has officially been added to my list of dishes I must seek out each time I return to the motherland. Take a tenderloin grilled sparingly and top with a garlicky butter or cream based sauce and either mushrooms or oregano and basil and you have a piece of meat reposing in a warm dream just begging to be devoured.

As with many iconic dishes the Deburgo's origins are a matter of Polk County lore.  Leading contenders for the progenitor are Johnny & Kay's and Vic's Tally Ho, both now unfortunately defunct.  Irregardless of beginnings the dish now has a convert thanks to Chef's Kitchen in Beaverdale and Mezzodi's near the airport and found a fitting end in my belly.

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