Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blue Bunny Ice Cream - Le Mars

Wells Dairy is the world's largest family owned ice cream manufacturer.  In fact it is the world's largest manufacturer of ice cream in a single location which justifies Le Mars's claim to the title of Ice Cream Capital of the World.  Now ask anyone who knows or has traveled through Italy with me and they will surely tell you that I get a little nutty when it comes to frozen specialties.  In fact if I am 15 pounds over my ideal weight, 13 of them are surely a result of excessive ice cream and gelato consumption.  So the fine folks at Blue Bunny should not take offense when I say that I have had better I am just being a snob.  

It has to be pretty cool to say that you are the mayor of the ice cream capital of the world.  A fine looking gentleman named Dick Kirchoff currently holds this position. I wonder if he ever imagines himself a modern day Willy Wonkaish individual.  I know that were I ever in his position I would preside over all city council meetings in a medley of brightly colored suits. Alas relocation to northwestern Iowa is not currently in the cards so I will have to simply give props to this cool little town by using my Blue Bunny pen to take notes during sales calls. 

There are some great Blue Bunny commercials on youtube and you should be able to pick up your favorite novelty at your local c-store.  

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