Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I loved rocks as a kid.  I remember in 5th grade at Crestview Elementary in Clive we had to choose a science protect and I was stuck with a partner who quite frankly scared me.  We were almost neighbors but I would try to cross the street if I was ever walking home and nearing his path. I think the kid even smoked at the age of 9, ok that may be embellishing a bit but surely by the time we were paired together he was puffing away. All that said, rocks seemed to soften his sole.  We actually had a blast scouring the neighborhood looking for specimens and the state rock the Geode was the biggest goal we had.  We never found one and I had to admire the polished geodes at my Aunt Marvel's house and to this day I am reminded of their beauty every time I come across a stone bursting with color.  I wonder if my rock friend is such a softy when it comes to pretty rocks these days as well?? 

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