Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest

Quite frankly I am not sure how any Iowan could ever consider vegetarianism.  Sure there are health benefits, sure the guts on Americans today are ghastly, but when you are raised alongside some of the tastiest pigs in the land it borders on heresy to eschew staples like bacon.  The Des Moines Register's twitter feed reported this morning that this years Bacon Fest has already sold out.  Bacon Fest you say!!  What in the name of greasy goodness is this?  Clearly I have been away too long as the rise of a celebration of bacon in downtown Des Moines is news to me.  Good thing it has sold out or I may have busted the bank simply to secure a last minute ticket.  Oh and Manni Balignasay, 3 time champ of the bacon eating contest and part time personal trainer, you are one of my new heroes but I plan on taking the belt in 2012.  

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