Friday, January 21, 2011

Twister - The Film

The 2nd highest grossing film of 1996 Twister also happens to be the only film I ever auditioned for.  I remembered taking the day off from mowing laws for my uncle and driving to Ames to have my photo taken and say a few words.  For about 48 hours I was convinced that I would be called back and that a role would be created specifically for me.  Alas I now live in Seattle and not Hollywood so you know how that dream ended.  The other thing I remember from that day was all of the Oklahoma licence plates on the cars on set, certainly Iowa is not as well known as the Sooner state for tornadoes but some of the most deadliest have hit the ground there recently and I would have loved to have Iowa been featured in the film as opposed to portraying a falsehood for all the viewing public to see.  Now you know, Helen Hunt got whipped by the wind in the Hawkeye State.  

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  1. I took a road trip to Pilot Mount and Rippey to see where some of Twister was filmed. What's weird is the part where the farm equipment is falling on them was filmed in Oklahoma, but just a minute later in the film, where the house rolls across the road, was filmed in Rippey, IA. And, of course, the hail scene was filmed on 130th St in Pilot Mount. It was very eerie being in the same places where Twister was filmed, despite the weather being sunny.