Friday, February 11, 2011

Dallas County Courthouse - Adel

I once came across a very cool poster which was a county map of Iowa which each county a photo of the county courthouse.  It was with much pride that I zeroed in on Dallas County as I have always felt that the faux french chateau that dominated my hometown and around which I drove around thousand of times while "crusin" in high school was the most beautiful of all 99 in the state.  Of course that is certainly to draw objection from some other county lovers and surely this will not be the last court house on the list.  But it is the first and I dare say shall remain the best, especially visited at the wee hours of dawn while nursing the last of the warm disgusting Natural Lights your buddy's brother bought you, in the front seat of the crappy you car you drove around the Adel brick streets all night trying to avoid the prying eyes of the cops hanging out at the Kum & Go.  

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