Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Nadas

Any band that can stay together and relevant for over 15 years and get written up in Playboy magazine certainly deserves some props.  Surely Bon Jovi fits this bill, and while I am not talking about the songster from Jersey, the Nadas did open for him.  While I am not the most familiar with their music I am quite fond of some of the videos I have pulled up included the one below.  Finally there is a hardened spot on my liver for the band, as one of their lead singers was in the same fraternity as pretty much half my high school (go Adel-DeSoto Tigers) and whenever I would venture to Ames I invariably would be drawn into beer stained discussions on how cool their "brother's" band was.  Kudos to the Nadas for lasting so long and carving out quite the niche in the Midwest music scene.

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