Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sec Taylor Stadium

Bullpen View by akoestner
Bullpen View, a photo by akoestner on Flickr.

it's called Principal Park these days, and to be fair I have not been to a ballgame in DSM for at least 15 years, but back in the day it was a refuge for me. A refuge with intrique as i would always accompany my Grandfather to a game. My Gramps was very well connected with the baseball royalty in Iowa and was close with Ken Grandquist the former owner. But for some reason that never translated into me sitting on Tony LaRussa's lap. In fact, now that I think about it there was always a tension in the air between grandpa and Ken. Perhaps a dormant memory but one that will never be uncovered as both have passed. What is known is that the nights under the stadium lights, the annual trip see the boys from the bigs, the hot dogs and cracker jacks. Even today you cannot wipe the smile off this boys face.

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