Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Striped Spermophile

There was a book called the "Rodents Of Iowa" published in 1918 by a man named Dayton Stoner (would have been a great name in the 1960s).  You can read this book for free on Google, go ahead check it out, you may find, like I did, yourself to be oddly drawn to the study of rodents that scurry about Iowa's countryside.

One little feller caught my eye right away.  How can you not want to know more about something called the Striped Spermophile.  Turns out once I pull my mind out of the trash spermophile is a legitimate scientific classification and our furry striped spermophile is what I always considered a chipmunk.  Of course I don't know my rodents very well so I had better refer back to my new ebook by Mr. Stoner.

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