Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Otto Frederick Rohwedder - Inventor Sliced Bread

The invention of slice bread has long been the gold standard to which all other innovations have been compared.  In fact, apart from the wheel I cannot think of any other product that has served as the base of more cliches than Mr Otto Rohwedder's creation.  Of course these days us food snobs prefer to buy an unsliced loaf and a sharp bread knife as opposed to seeking out the gooey wonder that is Wonder Bread. So  perhaps the bread slicer was but a stepping stone to culinary convenience, which ultimately has led to a dominance of prepared foods in our diet.  The more I type the more I question Otto's genius. So I'll leave it at this, at the very least he certainly entered into the lexicon of the English language in a big way, and yes he is an Iowan.

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