Thursday, February 17, 2011

Casey's General Stores

When it comes to Iowan convenience stores it must be revealed that I hold a personal bias to one that begins with the letter K since they were the first to offer me a paycheck as a 16 year old anxious to enter the workforce.  That said Casey's the other iconic Iowa based location for your quick fix of soda, cigs, gas, and jo jos makes the list first since they are currently in the news waging a battle against a much bigger chain.  Subway is trying to claim the sole right to the usage of the word footlong when describing a sandwich and are flexing Jared sized legal muscle to prevent the smaller Casey's from using the term.  In true Iowan fashion Casey's is refusing to back down.  Perhaps it is the common sense that is a part of all Iowans but Casey's (and I have to concur) just can't see how you can trademark the word footlong.  Then again Bristol and Sarah Palin are looking to trademark their names so who knows.  

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