Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Java Joes - Des Moines

For the second day in a row I draw your attention to a fine Iowan establishment known for its hot brews and cool crews.  Back in 1996 Java Joe's helped salvage Des Moines reputation for me.  I was a budding snob when it came to coffee and coffee shops, having lived in France and worked in a proper coffee house in St Joe Minnesota dont you know! Often lambasting my home state for it lack of exciting and relevant venues imagine my surprise when I stumbled into Java Joe's.  To this day it remains my favorite place to grab a caffinated beverage in Iowa.  I now get my health insurance through Starbucks and have to admit to spending a fair share of my paycheck there but my heart is still with independent shops like Java Joe's. Do patronize them the next time you are downtown DSM.  By the way, another great photo eh?  Thanks to Jennifer Rodriquez for letting me use it.  

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