Saturday, February 26, 2011


As I write this I am finishing off the last of the 4 kolaches I picked up from the Kolache Factory here in Houston this morning.  While I am appreciative of the fact that I can even obtain a passable kolache at all (heck I am pleased that a large metro area is even aware of what kolaches are) I have to say thvat these cannot and will never compare to those prepared on demand for me as a child by my Great Grandma Sevig of Fairfax Iowa.
The daughter of Bohemian immigrants my fondest memories of visiting Grandma Sevig were her cool calanders she always had on hand courtesy of the local bank, the train tracks that ran behind her apartment where I could count on finding a spare rail spike, and her seemingly never ending procession of Kolaches coming out of the oven.
I have not made it back to the Cedar Rapids area in some time but as I sit here in the early morning humidity of South Texas thinking of those days of my youth I must now find a way to justify a trip back.  While there I am sure I can find some Kolaches that come close to Grandmas with all the Czech's around.  Perhaps I will start off by visiting the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library which was supposed to be today's entry to the blog before I started thinking about pastries.  More on this unique spot later.

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